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Place the prop grippy side down for knee pad use


Place the prop grippy side up to gently slide into poses and stretches


Remove the interior black sack for use as a heating or cooling sack


Use the prop in savasana

Use the prop as a pouch to store necessities 

Use the prop as a forehead pillow in child's pose


so many elements

The Prop is made of two parts: an interior black sack and a zipper pouch.

The black sack is made out of 100% cotton flannel fabric and is filled with millet. Just place the black sack in the microwave or freezer to use as a heating pad or cold pack to restore. We recommend 2 20-second intervals in the microwave.

The zipper pouch has several elements. The printed 4-way stretch fabric is antibacterial and wicking making it perfect for fighting germs and sweat. It is also super smooth for sliding into stretches and poses.

The opposite side is made of grippy fabric to keep you sturdy and safe when using the prop as a supportive knee/elbow pad.

What makes the prop so soft? The zipper pouch is lined with 100% bamboo batting. Bamboo is antibacerial and eco-friendly.


how to use the prop

When using the prop for supportive purposes, just place the prop underneath the area that needs support (perhaps underneath the knee). Place the prop with the grippy side down.

When using the prop to slide, place your knee or foot onto the prop and slide into the pose or stretch. Place the prop with the grippy side up on a hard smooth surface like hard wood. 

When using the prop to restore, remove the black sack from the zipper pouch and place in the microwave for two 15-second intervals or place in the freezer.

AND, the best part?! The zipper pouch is washable. You can also use the prop as a pillow after locust pose or in child's pose. 


about the prop

The patented Everything Prop (U.S. Patent No. 11,185,733) was named The Everything Prop because, well, it does just that. Everything.

Have you ever rolled your mat looking for more knee support while in a low lunge pose?

Have you had trouble sliding into stretches like the splits and frog pose?

Do you like to restore during savasana and after your yoga practice or workout?

The Everything Prop provides support, gentle sliding, and restoration. 

Grip, slide, and restore...

...and so much more!

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