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Heartly Strong, LLC

Owner: Sabrina Naves, RYT

Sabrina is a Registered Yoga Teacher and has been teaching several different yoga styles over the last eight years. Having suffered from knee injuries and ACL reconstruction surgery at an early age, Sabrina designed a prop that would support others with knee injuries in addition to offering support and restoration throughout a yoga practice. No need to cringe when the instructor cues to lower your back knee, just grab The Everything Prop!

The Everything Prop (U.S. Patent No. 11,185,733) is soft enough to support your knees but also provides the functionality to gently slide (think frog pose). The Everything Prop consists of a zipper pouch and a removable black sack. The zipper pouch has two sides: a grippy fabric for stability when using the prop as a supportive cushion, and a smooth 4-way stretch fabric when using the prop to slide on hard floors. The removable black sack is microwave and freezer safe.


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